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Welcome to your one-stop-bank for wealth creation

In November 2017 we transitioned from Ghana’s number one mortgage financing company to GHL Bank, your one-stop-bank.

As your one-stop-bank, we now offer you all world-class services of a universal bank, which means you can get everything you need for your financial, home, insurance, business and property needs.

We have just the right suite of products and services for your entire family, and for every stage of your life.

By choosing us, you will enjoy:



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Easy steps to owning your first home

“I am a true believer that you save every penny and you buy your first house. And that is still the fastest path to wealth”
– Sean Conlon

All the same, millennials are either less able or less willing to buy. People tend to consider home purchase as a liability as it takes a substantial amount of money out of the home owner’s pocket at the time of the purchase. What many fail to understand is that home ownership can serve as a stepping stone to

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Greater access to home ownership for all Ghanaians: $15 million boost for GHL mortgage loans.

Entrenching its market leadership for providing affordable access to housing, GHL Bank has received US$15 million from the African Development Bank to help more Ghanaians within the lower-middle and middle-income bracket to actualize their dream of owning a home.

The Save–To–Own Product: A true revolution in mortgage lending

The Save-to-Own Mortgage product, recently launched by GHL Bank, simplifies mortgage lending and makes home-ownership easier for SME business owners as well as non-resident Ghanaians keen to own a home in Ghana.

Financial institutions typically focus on salaried workers in their loan marketing. This is no surprise as salaried workers give lenders confidence in their ability to pay back due to their steady flow of monthly income through-out the year.