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Travel Insurance

Go on and have fun on your next trip knowing you're covered

Have you ever had your dream vacation cut short due to an unexpected illness, inclement weather or accident? The unexpected can quickly derail your budget. Travel insurance cannot prevent but will cushion you against the financial impacts of many of these common problems. Activa in conjunction with Inter Partner Assistance provides travel insurance cover for you if you are less than 75 years old. The cover includes the following:

1.           Medical Assistance

2.           Access (insured only) to medical care from any of our partner Hospitals worldwide.

3.           Escort by your family member

In the event that you need to be escorted back home as a result of a severe medical condition, the policy will cover the cost of transporting both you and your escort back to your home country –i.e.

1.           Early return

2.           A return ticket for you if you must attend the funeral of a close relation in your home country while the policy is still in force.

a.           Legal assistance abroad

b.           Loss of luggage

 c.           Flight delay, etc.

facts you should know


In order to ensure full premium discount, clients must have an active account with GHL Bank. Payment of premiums are done through standing order, cash or cheque. Clients will be provided with cover notes when relevant but must be advised to pick their original insurance policy documents from GHL Branch within a specified period.

What's in it for you?

Flexible insurance premium payments through monthly installments. Convenience premium payment through monthly standing order/direct debits. Additional discount of 10% shall be added to clients who show evidence of current No Claim Discounts (NCD) from other insurance companies.

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