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This is a product uniquely designed to enable self-employed individual and others who are unable to provide verifiable income demonstrate their ability to make repayments to service a mortgage. 


facts you should know


This is a two part product: Part 1 - a savings product, Part 2 - a mortgage product. The tenor of the product is 12 to 24 months for the savings and up to 15 years for the mortgage after the savings phase. Borrower has the option to use the amount saved during the savings phase for the required minimum deposit, payment of facility fees, loan instalment payments or any other purpose as the borrower may deem fit.

What's in it for you?

The product enables individuals who are unable to provide verifiable income to show evidence of a sustainable source of primary or secondary income to support their borrowing request. With Save-To-Own, you have a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to service a mortgage by making monthly payments into your account during the savings phase of the product. What’s more, your savings accrue interests whilst you wait for your future home to be ready!


Successful completion of the savings phase of the product. The client’s pension company will issue a guarantee to GHL Bank as a secondary security. Property must be residential. Applicant must pay off the loan before their 60th birthday

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What we need from you

  1. Your completed GHL Bank Mortgage Application form
  2. Proof of income – Three (3) months current salary slips/stubs or other sources of income
  3. 3 months recent bank statements
  4. Proof of Identity – Two (2) forms of identity (passport, license, etc.)
  5. Photo Identification – Two (2) passport pictures
  6. Proof of address (2 different utility bills/ tenancy agreements etc.)
  7. Offer letter from vendor
  8. Credit report (Experian/ Equifax/Transunion)
  9. Pictures of the property


Other requirements if you are self-Employed

  1. 3 years audited financial statements
  2. Company code: Limited liability companies- Form 3 & 4 and Sole proprietors- Form A
  3. 3 years company bank statement & 1 year personal bank statement (if applicable)