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They are for Premium and Business Clients who want to store their important documents or valuables in a safe and secure environment. They come in a variety of sizes to suit the client’s needs

Facts You Should Know


Store valuables in a safe environment. Access at your convenience. Available in various sizes to suit customer needs Available to GHL Bank Individual Clients. Available to GHL Bank Business Account Clients.


Two copies of unique key for each safe deposit box. Unlimited access to safe during bank opening hours. Secure environment.

Things to Consider

  1. You must only keep items that belong to you in Safe Deposit Boxes
  2. If you lose your Safe Deposit Box key we will change the lock to your box and give you a new key. We will charge you to cover the cost of replacing the lock
  3. There are certain items you must not keep in the box, such as chemicals, sharp objects, plants, explosives
  4. Your fees must be paid on time in order to access the Safe Deposit Box. If we have not obtained payment from you after a period of time, we may open your box, sell the contents to pay our fees, charges and any other costs then pay you back any difference. If you are having difficulty making any payment, please contact us as soon as possible.
  5. Items should be properly insured for their full value and keeping valuables in a Safe Deposit Box should not be...

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