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Safety Deposit Boxes

There is nothing worse than losing items that are important to you, especially those that would be difficult or impossible to retrieve once it’s lost.

Our Safety Deposit Boxes are available for all our clients who want to store their valuables such as jewellery, important documents, wills, certificates, precious metals or family treasures in a safe and secure environment.

Whether you are an individual or a business or corporate identity, our Safety Deposit box is designed to ensure the safety and security of the things you treasure.


Variety of sizes

Our boxes come in different sizes and levels of verification to suit your needs. Choose from a 5”x 5” (Mini), 3” x 10” (Large), 5” X 10’’ (Midi), 10”’ X 10” (Maxi), or 10’’ x 15’’ (Deluxe) box

Dual Keys

Each box comes with two keys; one which you keep and one which remains with us under the most secure conditions, in case you ever lose your key.

Unlimited access

Get access to your box whenever you need it between our banking hours of 8am- 4:30pm on weekdays and   9am - 2pm on Saturdays.

No expiration date

Our Safety Deposit Boxes can be rented for unlimited periods for as long as you need.

Joint access

Traveled out of town, unable to visit our branch to access your box? No problem. With evidence of a legal relationship, we can configure another individual to have access to your Safety Deposit Box.










Privacy and confidentiality

You might not want important information and sensitive documents in your home. Our safe deposit box prevents roommates, children, relatives, and anybody else from going through your belongings.

Peace of mind

Enjoy the reassurance of knowing that your valuable items are safe from theft, loss, fire, flood and any other type of disaster.

Insurance cover

All our boxes are insured however if you wish to take out additional insurance on the contents of your box, you may do so once the value of the items are defined.

Still not sure why you should sign up for our Safety Deposit Box?

Safe deposit boxes are good for small, important, and valuable items (including documents) that you want to protect. You may want to consider keeping some of the items listed below safe, especially the ones you don’t need access to on a regular basis. These should also be items that you don’t need at your fingertips.

  • Birth and adoption certificates, marriage certificates
  • Copies of wills, copies of power of attorney
  • Investment information, bank and credit card account information, stock certificates and bonds, business records
  • Photos and negatives
  • Copies of driver’s licenses and passports, vehicle titles
  • Real estate deeds, real estate warranties, household inventories
  • Pet ID information, immunization records
  • Precious metals, jewellery, and collectibles that cannot be insured
  • Hard drives and flash drives with important data,
  • Citizenship papers, insurance information, social security cards, military records
  • diplomas, transcripts
  • Important contracts, other items that you believe are irreplaceable (or would be difficult or expensive to replace)

Protect The Things You Cherish

Call 0302 770 522 or visit any of our branches to sign up for a Safety Deposit Box today.