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The best solution for you is right here especially if you’re a salaried worker with a recognized institution, a professional or a Consultant. This product allows you to borrow at least GHS1000 from GHL Bank for your consumables, furniture, vehicle repairs, fees or travel expenses etc. You can comfortably spread your payments between 6 and 36 months. Only provide your asset as collateral for the loan and get moving.

Key Benefits

Access to credit advice

Access to readily available credit within client’s own timing

Transparent Terms & Conditions

We hide nothing from you. Everything you need to know about your loan and its repayment is given you from day one

Competitive charges

Our charges are among some of the most bearable within the ECOWAS subregion.

Loan Requirements

  1. Account Relationship – You must be an account holder with GHL Bank to access the facility
  2. Loan Application – Complete a loan application form
  3. Security – Security may be required in the form of a Provident Fund, Landed Property, Employer’s Guarantee, Near Cash Securities, Shares, Warrants, etc.

Looking for the right loan to meet your needs?

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