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Onshore (Cash and Draft Rates):USD / GHS = Bid: 5.2000 Offer: 5.4200GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.5785 Offer: 7.0245EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.6191 Offer: 5.8899Offshore (Transfer/Inflows):USD / GHS = Bid: 5.2000 Offer: 5.3900GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.5785 Offer: 7.0145EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.6191 Offer: 5.8891


More ways to make payments

Sheer comfort and freedom to bank whenever and wherever you want- go cashless.

Mobile Money

Experience our electronic banking services that offers you pure convenience to manage your funds using your mobile phone. Whether you have an account with us or not, this service is currently on offer at our branches in partnership with MTN, TIGO and Airtel. Cash in and out as you like, pay for goods and services with ease and keep track of your money with current balances, mini statements and a whole lot more. Just be ready with your mobile phone and your active line with MTN, TIGO or Airtel. It’s so convenient, quick and easy to use.

Facts you should know


One does not need an account with GHL Bank to access this service. Account holders can transfer money from their bank account to their mobile money wallets. The client’s transactions can be performed using a special PIN. The PIN can be changed by the clients when compromised.


Clients must have an active phone line with MTN, TIGO or Airtel. A Valid national photo ID


Choose to receive your remittances through us,whether you are an existing customer or not. You can receive money through MoneyGram and Unity Link from family and friends around the globe at GHL Bank. 

Facts You Should Know


Clients do not need an account to receive their remittance. For Account Holders, remittance can be credited into their current account directly. For non-account holders, remittance can be sent to their mobile money wallets.


Completed money transfer form. A valid national photo ID (Examples are Passport, Driver’s License. National Identity Card). Note: Foreign nationals must come along with their passport. Money Transfer Control Number. MoneyGram/Unity Link Reference Number. MoneyGram/Unity Link security number from the sender. Your name on the transfer record must match your name as it appears on your ID.

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