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Update on GHL Bank – First National Bank Merger

Following the recent merger announcement between First National Bank and GHL Bank, we are providing all our valued customers, vendors and stakeholders with answers to pressing questions concerning this period of transition.


BoG recently announced the merger between First National Bank and GHL Bank. What is the current situation?

Merger discussions are currently underway between GHL Bank and FirstRand Limited (shareholders of First National Bank).  These discussions are at a very early stage and it will therefore not be appropriate to comment or provide any specifics at this moment. 


What does this mean for customers of GHL Bank?

GHL Bank remains the nation’s leading provider of mortgage financing and FNB is one of the largest banks in Africa and a member of the FirstRand Group, a dominant player in global banking.  Customers will therefore benefit from an even wider range of products and services as a result of these institutions successfully coming together.


What does this mean for other GHL stakeholders - estate developers, service providers, vendors etc.

Again, everything remains unchanged.  Our processes shall continue as before while the merger discussions proceed.  As and when there are any changes, an official notice will be communicated to the necessary parties.


When will this merger process be completed?

As quickly as possible.  However, completion of this process is subject to customary closing conditions, including the obtaining the requisite regulatory approvals from both Ghana and South Africa. When the process is satisfactorily completed, we will communicate that to you.


What will change and when?

In the meantime, nothing much will change, so it will be business as usual. Any new developments will be communicated in due course.


What happens to my existing mortgage with GHL? Do I have to pay off now or it can run for the rest of its tenure? Will my terms and conditions change?

Nothing will change.  Every agreement or arrangement you have with GHL bank remains unchanged. 


Will any of your branches be closed as part of the process?

All our branches, ATMs, Internet Banking and Mobile app will remain functional. If need be, you may also walk into any of our branches from Monday to Friday between 8:00am – 4:00pm and on Saturdays between 9:00am – 2:00pm.  Our omni-channel platform continues to deliver a round-the-clock banking experience for your convenience.


In the event of any specific concerns and questions – please contact us on 080 077 0522 or email clientexperience@ghlbank.com. We thank all our customers and stakeholders for their loyalty and continued patronage of our products and services.