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GHL Bank, formerly Ghana Home Loans Ltd, adds another feather to their cap as the mortgage specialist with the launch of its new and ingenious Save-To-Own Mortgage product. This innovative product is specifically designed to give more Ghanaians an opportunity to acquire a home of their choice with a mortgage facility. Save-To-Own is an innovative hybrid product uniquely designed to enable the average Ghanaian self-employed and salaried clients demonstrate their ability to service a mortgage to in order acquire a house.

Ghana has a housing deficit of over 1.7m and to help improve the situation, GHL Bank has partnered developers to rollout affordable housing schemes, thereby making home ownership easier. With over a decade of experience in providing mortgages, GHL Bank understands the needs of the average Ghanaian SME business owner, entrepreneur and off-shore non-resident individual and has created Save-To-Own Mortgage to address their challenges

According to Mr. Kojo Addo-Kufuor, Executive Director of GHL Bank in charge of Business, a sizeable number of applicants are often unable to access mortgage facilities of their choice often because they cannot easily provide evidence of a sustainable source of primary or secondary income to support their mortgage request. The new product is designed to simplify the credit process for such applicants, particularly self-employed, as well as some in salaried occupations. “The Save-To-Own Mortgage product is the first in the list of innovative products to be rolled out in response to customer requirements. This also testifies that we have not abandoned the mortgage solutions we have been known for”. In an interview with Richmond Asante, Head of Mortgage Origination at GHL Bank, he indicated that the benefits of Save-To-Own include providing Mortgage access to Self Employed applicants who, though eligible, have difficulties providing evidence of all their various earnings.