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Greater access to home ownership for all Ghanaians: $15 million boost for GHL mortgage loans.

Entrenching its market leadership for providing affordable access to housing, GHL Bank has received US$15 million from the African Development Bank to help more Ghanaians within the lower-middle and middle-income bracket to actualize their dream of owning a home.

The credit will go towards developing an effective, affordable mortgage finance sector where the ripple effects will have a positive impact on the housing industry value chain.

One such project aimed at providing quality affordable housing for all, is the Affordable Housing Facility Project in partnership with Apollonia City to construct 100 affordable homes by the end of 2018.

Since 2006, GHL Bank, formerly specializing in just mortgage financing, has disbursed over US$200 million in mortgage loans benefitting more than 3,000 households in Ghana’s urban and suburban centres.

Ahead of the Bank of Ghana’s (BOG) GH¢400m capital requirement deadline in December, the bank continues to demonstrate financial viability with CEO, Dominic Adu assuring all clients and partners of the bank that GHL Bank would have no difficulty in meeting all conditions stipulated by the Central Bank.

Since launching as a one-stop full service universal bank, GHL Bank has and continues to undergo rigorous implementation of technology, innovation and digital banking services to cater for the much-anticipated growth in clients, business opportunities and the ever-growing demand for home and property acquisition.