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Onshore (Cash and Draft Rates):GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.0810 Offer: 6.4787EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.4679 Offer: 5.7434USD / GHS = Bid: 4.8350 Offer: 5.0140Offshore (Transfer/Inflows):GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.0810 Offer: 6.4687EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.4679 Offer: 5.7334USD / GHS = Bid: 4.8350 Offer: 4.9990

GHL Bank Signs Up With Western Union

GHL Bank has signed up with Western Union to offer money transfer services. The bank, which until recently operated as Ghana Home Loans, now joins a global network of Western Union partners and shall provide a fast, reliable, secure and convenient way of remitting funds within the country and as well as inbound transfers.


The Executive Director of Business at GHL Bank, Mr. Kojo Addo-Kufuor stated in an interview that Western Union offers one of the easiest ways by which family and friends can send and receive money and stay connected to their loved ones. “With over 437,000 Agent locations worldwide, Western Union is definitely one of the institutions to partner with, in creating the platform to conveniently serve our clients’’.


With a robust banking system, GHL Bank will expand its frontiers to enable as many partners to drive the bank’s focus for digital and convenient banking in Ghana. “Our reliable technology customer centric platform and excellent customer service, ensures fast and efficient receipt of funds from abroad. The good thing about this is that, you don’t need a bank account to receive money from anywhere in Ghana”, Mr. Addo-Kufuor said.


This remittance service provides non-resident clients of GHL with convenient channel to service their mortgage facilities on a monthly basis.