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Easy steps to owning your first home

“I am a true believer that you save every penny and you buy your first house. And that is still the fastest path to wealth”
– Sean Conlon

All the same, millennials are either less able or less willing to buy. People tend to consider home purchase as a liability as it takes a substantial amount of money out of the home owner’s pocket at the time of the purchase. What many fail to understand is that home ownership can serve as a stepping stone to wealth creation, especially when done through a mortgage.

These are the reasons why:

  • A mortgage encourages you to save – payment on principal as the mortgage ages, therefore, a regular savings plan with growing deposits—without any more being taken out of your pocket.
  • Homes Deliver Real Appreciation Over Time – Unlike other substantial purchases your funds are spent on, the value of this purchase increases with time
  • Buying with a Mortgage Increases the Returns of Owning a Home – With the increasing rise in pricing of homes, buying a home with a mortgage provides even more of a protection from a very real threat in the form of rising rents. As time goes by monthly repayments remain the same or even decrease, rents on the other hand we can’t vouch for.

Hopefully you are considering the idea of owning a home so here are a few easy steps:

  • Call GHL Bank/Send us an email
  • You’ll be provided with all options of owning your dream home through home purchase, construction, completion, renovation….
  • Select the best package for you
  • Apply for a mortgage and own your home today

Contact GHL Bank today, and join our growing family of home owners