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Onshore (Cash and Draft Rates):GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.0810 Offer: 6.4787EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.4679 Offer: 5.7434USD / GHS = Bid: 4.8350 Offer: 5.0140Offshore (Transfer/Inflows):GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.0810 Offer: 6.4687EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.4679 Offer: 5.7334USD / GHS = Bid: 4.8350 Offer: 4.9990

Branch-Lite Banking - It's just a matter of time

With the continuous digitization of other industries, consumers expect banking experiences to replicate the same better, simpler and more convenient services they receive elsewhere. Visits to a local branch office are dropping significantly by the day. Conveying a consistent brand experience online is critical. Oftentimes, it is the first point of introduction for potential customers. The importance of developing personalized experiences based on data analytics has become paramount. GHL Bank understands this and we aim to provide all our clients with the best banking experience the market has to offer. Come on board today and bank the GHL way.