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Welcome to Ghana's Most Trusted Housing Fair

Overview of the Housing Fair


Owning a home is a rite of passage many of us dream of because it means having a space we can truly call our own. However, the process of acquiring a home can be quite overwhelming because of the responsibilities and obligations is comes with. 

That’s why each year, we put together our much anticipated household Housing Fair which brings together an array of experts to help ease the unnecessary stress that comes with obtaining a home. Whether you’re looking for a house or land to purchase, property to rent, home improvement ideas, furnishing, fittings or furniture, or simply a housing connoisseur, we have all you need and more.   




What's in store

All your housing needs in one place

Come view an array of beautiful homes and engage with some of the best home developers, property agents, construction firms, interior space companies and more, plus the best deals on furniture, furnishings, electronics and appliances, all in one space.

Get amazing discounts

Enjoy incredible discounts or more from a wide range of housing developers, and other home related items.

Something for the entire family

As any home is for every member of the family, so is our housing fair for your entire family. Bring children along and delight them with our Kids Corner, while you view our array of beautiful properties.

Free Land Consultation

Wary of buying land because of all the hassle it comes with?Enjoy free consultation from officials of the Ghana Lands Commission on issues with land acquisition and ownership.

2 Day Weekend Fair

We’re giving you all the time you need to shop for your dream home because we understand how busy you are during the week. From 9am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Enjoy super-fast, reliable internet access on all your devices at no cost. Stream the event live and keep your friends updated with all the excitement at the fair.

Meet Some Of Our Exhibitors