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Onshore (Cash and Draft Rates):USD / GHS = Bid: 5.2100 Offer: 5.4400GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.6099 Offer: 7.0701EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.6398 Offer: 5.9312Offshore (Transfer/Inflows):USD / GHS = Bid: 5.2100 Offer: 5.4100GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.6099 Offer: 7.0601EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.6398 Offer: 5.9212

Home Completion

Complete your dream house at your own pace.

Once you’ve purchased your home, we will help finance the completion of dream home. The loan can be obtained for the purchase of roofing materials, windows, doors, tiles, and all other finishing products. 

Facts you should know


Loan Purpose – To complete the building of a home that has already been started by the client. Tenure – 10 to 15 years. Debt Burden - Not more than 40% of net income. Repayment – Fixed Monthly Repayment.

What's in it for you?

Access to a dedicated relationship officer to handle all activities in relation to mortgage facility. Available funds to complete a home. Easy access to insurance facilities for the mortgage facility. Competitive charges. Transparent terms and conditions. Flexibility to choose your preferred contractor.


Property must be residential. Applicant must pay off the loan before their 60th birthday. Applicant must demonstrate ownership of the land. Home completion - project should be at the lintel level.

Looking For The Right Mortgage For You?

Let us help you identify the most suitable mortgage product to meet your unique needs today

What we will need from you

  1. 2 recent passport pictures
  2. 3 months recent pay slips/other sources of income
  3. Proof of Identity – Two (2) forms of identity (passport, license, etc.)
  4. 3 months recent bank statements
  5. Proof of address (2 different utility bills/ tenancy agreements etc.)
  6. Bill of quantities
  7. Credit report (Experian/ Equifax/Transunion) – Non-Resident Aplicants
  8. Building permit & planning permission
  9. Picture of the property (Home completion)


Other requirements if you are self-Employed

  1. Certificate of incorporation and certificate to commence business
  2. 3 years audited financial statements
  3. Company code: Limited liability companies- Form 3 & 4 and Sole proprietors- Form A
  4. 3 years company bank statement & 1 year personal bank statement (if applicable)