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Onshore (Cash and Draft Rates):USD / GHS = Bid: 5.2500 Offer: 5.5300GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.2186 Offer: 6.7244EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.7792 Offer: 6.1524Offshore (Transfer/Inflows):USD / GHS = Bid: 5.2500 Offer: 5.5000GBP / GHS = Bid: 6.2186 Offer: 6.7144EUR / GHS = Bid: 5.7792 Offer: 6.1424

Equity Release Mortgage

Unlock cash from your property

Let your property work for you


Own a home but need a lump sum of cash to finance your personal needs or other financial obligations? 

With our Home Owners Mortgage, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by getting the funds you need and repay over the long term, while still maintaining ownership of your house. 

Paying for college tuition, investing in the expansion of your business or looking after your family’s needs has never been easier.






If you are self-employed, we will need the following documentation:

Our Application Process


1. Submit a fully completed application form with all the required documents 

2. GHL will issue a Letter Of Intent (LOI) within 48 hours

3. Accept to proceed by signing and returning the LOI

4. Your application will be processed and either accepted or declined. 

5. If your application is accepted, a Facility Letter will be issued.

6. If you accept the terms and conditions stated in the Facility Letter, sign and return the letter to GHL Bank or your dedicated relationship manager

7. Your entire application will be reviewed to ensure you fulfil all pre-disbursement conditions, including insurance.

8. Once successful, the loan amount will be disbursed to your account.


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